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Your Studio

"mi casa es su casa"

The People's Choice for Crisp, Timeless Tattoos

At Your Neighbourhood Studio, we're committed to bringing your inspiration to life through personalised, positive experiences. Each tattoo we craft is a unique piece of art, a reflection of your identity and resilience. With a focus on quality and innovation, we're dedicated to elevating standards in the industry.

Located in the heart of Mermaid Beach along the Gold Coast Highway, our spacious studio features 125 sqm of sleek, modern design. As an artist-owned, inclusive space, we prioritise clean lines and elegant designs, ensuring your tattoo remains beautiful for years to come.

Partnering with a team of exceptional artists, we're here to match you with the perfect creator for your individual body art vision. Join us at Your Neighbourhood Studio, where your journey to timeless ink begins.



Proprietor | Senior Artist

Armin, the experienced artist and proprietor, has honed his skills in various artistic styles throughout his career, with a particular expertise in Fine Line and virtually every other style of tattooing. If you desire immaculate and enduring tattoos that withstand the test of time, Armin is undoubtedly one of the finest choices available. With a foundation in design, he is committed to crafting elaborate and distinctive designs, paying meticulous attention to both quality and intricacy. Seeking a tattoo that sets you apart? Armin offers a diverse selection of stylistic options tailored to meet your individual tattoo preferences.



Jade is our newest tattoo artist, driven by a deep passion for creativity and a strong curiosity for the art of tattooing. She going to specialises in blackwork and fine line tattoos, eager to explore design intricacies and techniques. Jade's enthusiasm and dedication fuel her desire to learn and grow as she hones her craft. Her determination and love for tattooing promise a bright future as she embarks on this artistic journey within the vibrant tattoo community.



Larissa is our newest tattoo artist, known for her exceptional drawing skills and passion for intricate, detailed work. She is dedicated to refining her craft and is eager to make her mark in the industry with her unique style and artistic finesse. We are excited to have Larissa on board and look forward to seeing her talent flourish in our studio.


Rochelle, with two years of tattooing experience under her belt, is our latest addition to the tattooing world. Drawn by a deep passion for creativity and a love for delicate styles and realism, she is dedicated to exploring the art of tattooing with dainty designs and realistic interpretations. Rochelle's enthusiasm and commitment drive her to refine her craft and embrace new artistic challenges. As she embarks on her journey in the tattoo community, Rochelle's unique style and dedication promise to shine brightly in the industry.



Solomon, our exceptionally skilled realism artist, specializes in creating a diverse range of realistic tattoos. Whether you're looking for intricate black and grey designs or lifelike naturalism, Solomon is the perfect artist to bring your custom piece to life. Additionally, Solomon is well-versed in fine line tattoos and micro-realism, ensuring that he can fulfill any tattoo idea that captures your heart's desire.


Jacob is a true master of tattoo art, with a passion for creating unique designs. While he excels in all types of tattoos, his true love lies in the mesmerising world of cyber sigilism. With his skilled hands and artistic vision, Jacob brings these futuristic symbols to life on the skin, leaving a lasting impression on his clients. But don't be mistaken, his talents extend far beyond cyber sigilism, as he is always eager to explore new styles and techniques. Jacob's dedication to his craft is evident in every stroke of the needle, making him a sought-after artist in the tattoo community.

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