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Where the magic happens!

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Our Studio

"mi casa es su casa"

The peoples choice when it comes to crisp absolute best healed tattoos.


Proudly known and loved on the Gold Coast, the design of our space was inspired by John Pawson a famous minimal and modern designer.

The space you see today is a rectangle shaped large studio floor, we have a whopping 125 sqm floor space looking after all your tattoo needs.

We have clear goals: Materialise the inspiration for all our artists and clients, offering the best client experience and to establish quality and improvements within the industry.

YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD STUDIO brings together several amazing artist, including the owner and senior artist Armin, who occupies the main chair in the studio.


The studio’s location is on the Gold Coast Highway Mermaid Beach, one of the main Gold Coast Roads, a prime location in Gold Coast.


Meet our Artist

Director | Senior Fine Line Artist

Head Artist and owner of Your Neighbourhood Studio. Armin has a lengthy design background a former graphic designer, clothing label and property designer & renovator.

with over 20 years experience in all of the mentioned Arts. Armin specialises in fine line tattoo work but is also open to doing all types of tattoo styles.

Senior | Black work


Ahn is our talented black work artist that specialise in snakes and flower tattoos.

Fine Line


If its Fine line or micro realism tattoo's, you can not look past our talented artist Emily.  

Fine Line


Sharna primarily does font & script fine line tattoos. She also does coloured line work and particularly loves designing floral & plant inspired tattoos.



Our talented realism artist Solomon tattoos ar range of realism work, check him out!

Tattoo Artist

Position Available

Are you a tattoo Artist and would like to work with us? Send Us a confidential message today.

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