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Appointment Preparation

How do I prepare my skin before getting a tattoo?

Drink plenty of water
It’s important to stay hydrated during the process and you should drink plenty of water beforehand.
Being well hydrated is always a good idea but in this particular case, it helps you last longer and heal quicker afterwards.

Keep your skin moisturized
Obviously don’t slather yourself in moisturizer right before your tattoo but it’s definitely a good idea to moisturize your skin leading up to the day before you go in.

Shave the area
This helps speed up the process specially if you have a lot of hair in that area. Be careful not to cut yourself though as this could mean a cancellation of your appointment! We will always do a final shave if need be in the studio.

Sleep well the night before
Don’t pull an all nighter and go out to a concert and drinks loads the night before! Get solid sleep the night before, 
being well rested will make you less twitchy and you’ll end up with cleaner (and straighter!) lines.

Eat well
Make sure you eat a good hearty meal before your appointment. Your body is going to need the energy, especially when your instinct is going to be to tense up during the painful parts of the tattoo.

Wear the right clothing
If your getting you leg tattooed don't come in wearing pants. Most of the fine line tattoos are relatively small so come in with clothing you are most confident in as we will take a photo of you tattoo to publish on our social media and web site. 

Take something to entertain yourself
Bring your phone and a charger, loaded up with Netflix or something to watch during the session to distract yourself.



We prefer you make your final payment by way of cash, however we also provide eftpos. If you choose to use eftpos a 1.4% surcharge will apply.

Arrival Guidelines

Who can I bring with me?
In line with our health and safety obligations and Covid-19 Guidelines, we are only allowing the client which is getting tattooed to enter the studio,
no other visitors will be aloud to enter the studio. So with this in mind please come alone for your appointment.

Feeling unwell 
If you are feeling unwell or have signs of even mild flu like symptoms you will need to let us know asap so we can reschedule your appointment,
no later than 6 hours before your appointment. 
If you turn up for your appointment and show flu like symptoms you will also be rescheduled, so please make sure you are feeling well.

COVID-19 Control measures
- Wear a clean face mask to your appointment this does not include "bandanas" everyone in the studio including the Artist are required to
wear a face mask at all times.
- Wash your hands at arrival "your Artist will show you where to do this."
- No food is permitted in the studio, beverages are allowed.
- Keep your belongings to a minimum
- The Studio is Disinfectant sprayed/Cleaned and Aired out between each appointment.

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