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Appointment Preparation

How do I prepare my skin before getting a tattoo?

Sleep well the night before

Pretty please don’t pull an all nighter and go out to a concert and drinks loads the night before! Get solid sleep the night before, being well rested will help us during the tattoo and you’ll end up with cleaner (and straighter!) lines. Excessive drinking prior to your appointment is likely to cause more blood loss, and can result in a more painful tattoo and affect the healing process.

Drink plenty of water
It’s important to stay hydrated during the process of being tattooed and you should drink plenty of wat
er beforehand. Being well hydrated is always a good idea but in this particular case, it helps you last longer during the tattoo appointment and heal quicker afterwards.

Keep your skin moisturised
Please don’t slather yourself in moisturiser right before your tattoo but it’s definitely a good idea to moisturise your skin leading up to the day before you go in.

Trim is needed
If you are getting tattooed in a particularly hairy spot, we recommend trimming the area prior with a body groomer or trimmer. Be careful not to cut yourself though as this could mean a re-scheduling of your appointment! Be prepared, we always shave the area of tattooing beforehand in the studio.

Eat well
Make sure you eat a good hearty meal before your appointment. Your body is going to need the energy, especially when your instinct is going to be to tense up during the painful parts of the tattoo. If you haven’t eaten, there are great local cafes a short walk from our studio. 

Take something to entertain yourself

Bring your phone and a charger. Tattooing can be a long process so it’s good to have this handy. If you want to take headphones and distract yourself with Netflix, go ahead! Whatever makes you comfortable.

Wear the right clothing
Come in with clothing you are most confident in which is also able to be moved and re-arranged for the tattoo area. With photos being taken post-tattoo we would love you to share the delight of the tattoo with clothes that you are comfortable being shared online as well.


Here’s a general rule of thumb: 

Avoid white or light coloured clothing. Wearing loose clothing is also more comfortable. 

Legs - wear shorts or a short dress.

Shoulder / arm - singlets and short sleeves.

Ribs -  A top that has a low armhole or low sides, a bralette which is cotton / moveable. Tape will be provided if required for any sensitive areas. 

Chest - a wrap top or a shirt that buttons up the front. Tape will be provided if required for any sensitive areas. 

Stomach and back - loose tops are great for post appointment comfort. 



We prefer you make your final payment by way of cash, however we also provide eftpos. If you choose to use eftpos a surcharge will apply.

Arrival Guidelines

Who can I bring with me?
In line with health and safety practices and client and artist comfort, we are only allowing the client which is getting tattooed to enter our licensed area of the studio, you are welcome to bring a support person with you but when we start tattooing they will be asked to wait in the waiting area. Please do not bring more than one person with you. 

Feeling unwell 
If you are feeling unwell or have signs of even mild flu like symptoms you will need to let us know ASAP so we can reschedule your appointment, ideally no later than 6 hours before your appointment. If you turn up for your appointment and show flu like symptoms you will also be rescheduled, so please make sure you are feeling well.

Thing to consider
- Hygiene is important when penetrating the skin, so please come freshly showered with clean clothing especially if you are getting a foot tattoo.
- No food is permitted in the studio, beverages and sweets are allowed. You are welcome to eat outside on our seating.
- Keep your belongings to a minimum
- R18 Studio no kids are allowed please organise a babysitter prior to your appointment.
- No pets allowed in studio.
- No Vaping or smoking.

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